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Why is a wildlife and trash ordinance necessary?

Ordinance O-2018-6 was enacted by the City of Durango to help limit the scattering of trash and to prevent bears and other wildlife from accessing neighborhood trash. Each year in our region dozens of bears are killed after interactions or conflicts with humans. In many cases, attraction to trash and food is the root cause of these conflicts. Additionally, scattered trash is a public nuisance, an environmental hazard, and takes up city resources to clean. The ordinance recognizes the responsibility of individual community members to prevent wildlife conflicts and trash scattering by properly securing their trash.

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1. Why is a wildlife and trash ordinance necessary?
2. How do I obtain a wildlife-resistant residential trash container?
3. Who do I call to report scattered trash or other littering concerns?
4. Are wildlife-resistant or wildlife-proof containers required in Durango?
5. Can I request wildlife prevention equipment on my dumpster?
6. Does the wildlife trash ordinance apply to bird feeders?
7. Who do I call if I have concerns about a potentially dangerous bear?
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