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How long does it take to charge an EV, and what’s the difference between level-1, level-2, and level-3 chargers?

The length of time it takes to fully charge a vehicle depends on many factors including the vehicle itself, the kind of charger being used, and how empty the battery is when you begin charging. Many EV users think in terms of “miles per hour of charging” or how much range you get from charging a vehicle for a certain amount of time.

  • Level-1 is just another name for a 110-volt standard outlet plug, the same that you plug any electrical device into. Some vehicles come with built-in extension cords while others require special adapters to plug into a level-1 charger. These are also called “trickle chargers”. Charging this way provides about 5 miles per 1 hour of charge. A typical day’s worth of driving (about 30-40 miles) can be recharged from level-1 charging overnight at home.
  • Level-2 is a 220-volt charger that charge more quickly. Level-2 stations can be installed in homes and they are also available at many public charging stations. Charging this way provides about 15-60 miles per 1 hour of charging, depending on the designed power output of the charger. At-home level-2 chargers can usually recharge a vehicle from empty to full overnight. Public level-2 stations can fully charge a vehicle in about 4 hours, making them excellent choices for workplace parking or metered public parking lots.
  • Level-3 is known as direct current (DC) fast charging. These chargers will primarily provide direct current at up to 500 volts. These chargers can provide 150-600 miles of range per 1 hour of charging, meaning most vehicles can charge from empty to full in about half an hour. These are the EV equivalent of gas stations, and charging speeds are continuing to improve.

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