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Paint Recycling and Safe Disposal

Paint Care

Colorado has taken part in the national Paint Care stewardship program since 2015 when the program was adopted by state law. The program supports paint recycling programs through a fee that is collected at the point of sale for paint.

Visit the Paint Care Colorado website for program information and to find the most up-to-date list of participating recycling locations in our region. A full list of acceptable and non-acceptable products can be found at the website.

Use the "What Goes Where" Wizard tool to find locations where you can responsibly dispose of paint (and anything else)!

Alternative Safe Disposal Options for Latex Paint

Dried latex paint is safe to dispose of in your trash, but it must be completely dry. Dried paint cannot be recycled, so if you have more than a quart of liquid paint it is recommended that you take the paint to a Paint Care location for recycling.

  • Allow to dry in the can or by spreading out over cardboard or plastic to dry.
  • Some hardware stores also sell compounds that help paint dry completely.
  • Ensure that you dry the paint in a well-ventilated area away from potential ignition sources, children and pets.
  • Ensure the paint is fully dry throughout. There should not be any bubbling or bulging of liquid paint underneath a dry skin of paint.
  • Once the paint is completely dry you can throw it away along with whatever the paint is covering. Leave the lid off cans of dried paint.
  • Do not recycle metal cans or cardboard covered in dried paint.

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