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Vacation Rentals in Durango

The Land Use and Development Code for the City of Durango has regulated vacation rentals (often called Short Term Rentals or STRs) since 1989. Recently, the rise in popularity of vacation rentals and the use of the internet to advertise vacation rental opportunities has led to the adoption of regulations that limit this use to appropriate areas in order to reduce the potential for impacts on the broader community.

A vacation rental is a dwelling unit that is rented for the purpose of lodging for a period of 1 to 29 days. This is a commercial use of a residential property, and is only allowed following the approval of a Limited Use Permit by the Community Development Department. Rentals of 30 days or longer are not considered vacation rentals and are not regulated by the City of Durango. 

Vacation rentals are only permitted in certain zones. These include the Central Business zone, the Mixed-Use zones, a few select Planned Development zones, and Established Neighborhoods (EN) 1 & 2. There is a cap on the number of available permits in the EN zones, with a total of 22 vacation rentals in EN-1 and 17 in EN-2. In the other zones where vacation rentals are permitted, caps are applied on a development-specific basis. This means that a set number of residential units may be permitted as vacation rentals within a certain building or development. In most cases, caps have been reached, and properties must be placed on a wait list before being eligible to apply. 

View a map showing City of Durango Zoning
View a table listing the addresses and contact information for each permitted vacation rental.
View the VR Permit Waitlist in capped zones

Below is a summary table of the permitted VRs in the City of Durango.

TotalCurrently Active# on Wait ListPendingTotal Allowed
Total in EN-1 zone2126122*
Total in EN-2 zone1711017*
Total in other zones87**1N/A
Total in all zones125**2N/A

*Only the EN-1 and EN-2 residential zones have a zone-specific cap on the total number of Vacation Rentals allowed.             

**Planned Developments and specific Mixed Use Developments usually also have caps and therefore wait lists. Please view the VR Permit Waitlist by clicking the link above the table.

Current Regulations

Current regulations are intended to mitigate the impacts of vacation rentals on the character of Durango’s neighborhoods and preserve housing units for City residents. A summary of the regulations governing vacation rentals can be found here.

Vacation rentals are required to obtain a Limited Use Permit (LUP) prior to establishment or advertisement. In order to qualify for this use, properties must meet specific requirements outlined in Section 2-2-3-4.G of the City’s Land Use and Development Code. These include standards for on-site parking, occupancy, trash and recycling procedures, and compliance with the City’s noise ordinance, among others. In the Established Neighborhood zones, regulations on the density of vacation rentals also apply. A second vacation rental is not allowed on the same street segment as an existing permitted vacation rental without the approval of the Planning Commission, and a third vacation rental would not be permitted on a street segment.

Planned Developments must specifically state that Vacation Rentals are an allowed use in their governing documents. In all cases, HOA documents and any agreements with the City must specifically state that vacation rentals are allowed, otherwise they are not permitted. Vacation rentals are not allowed in Twin Buttes, Three Springs, Rock Ridge or Sky Ridge.

Operators of vacation rentals are required to maintain a City business license and must collect and remit required lodger’s and sales taxes to the City. 

Vacation rental permits are non-transferable. The sale or transfer of a property with a vacation rental LUP automatically invalidates the permit. 

The City takes enforcement of vacation rental regulations seriously and prioritizes the discovery of illegal vacation rentals. If you have a complaint about a vacation rental (permitted or un-permitted), click here to submit your complaint to the City’s Code Enforcement Division.

This page is intended to give a quick overview of the vacation rental standards. For more information, please call the Community Development Department at (970) 375-4850 or visit the Land Use and Development Code, Section 2-2-3-4.

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