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City of Durango Zoning

Each piece of property within the city limits is assigned to a zone that lists allowable uses and sets standards such as building height, setbacks, lot coverage, etc. To find out your zoning, please call Planning Department Front Desk or view the zoning map. Please note, City of Durango zoning only applies to properties located within the city limits. If you are located outside of the city limits, you will need to contact La Plata County at (970) 382-6263.

Land Use and Development Code

The Land Use and Development Code (LUDC) lays out Durango's zoning districts, allowable land uses, land use processes, and other zoning related rules.

Infill Standards and Design Guidelines for Established Neighborhoods Zones EN-1 through EN-6

An ordinance creating standards specific to established neighborhoods with the intent to maintain and protect the existing character.

Overlay Zones

If your property falls within one or more of the following overlay zones, you will need to meet the zoning requirements of your zone as well as the requirements of the overlay zone.

  • Downtown Overlay District– The intent of these guidelines is to provide for change and new development in Durango, while preserving and protecting the special character and identity of Durango's downtown area. This consists of three separate character areas: the Main Avenue Character Area, the Second Avenue Character Area, and the Camino del Rio Character Area.
  • East Third Avenue Historic Preservation District- The intent is to create a balance between private property rights and the public interest in preserving Durango's unique historic character by ensuring that demolition of, moving, or alterations to properties of historic value shall be carefully considered for impact to the property's contribution to Durango's heritage.
  • River Corridor Overlay Zone (RCOZ)– The purpose is to recognize the unique elements of the properties near and adjacent to the Animas River by providing distinct incentives and regulations for development of those properties.
  • Note: Projects also need to meet the requirements of the Durango Comprehensive Plan.
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