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Applying for a Building Permit




Before applying for a building permit, please take the following information into consideration:

 A building permit must be obtained prior to the start of any work or ground disturbance within City limits.  If the project does not require a building permit, requirements of the Land Use and Development Code still apply.  Repair, replacement, or installation of public improvements (sidewalk, curb and gutter, street trees etc.) may be required of the applicant as a result of ANY building permit application submittal.

Contractor Requirements
Contractors must have a valid City of Durango Business License.

A State of Colorado Demolition Permit is required for any structural demolition.  Please use this handout to determine if you need a demolition permit and/or asbestos testing. 

Proof of an approved state permit is required prior to the issuance of a building permit.  The City of Durango will issue a demolition permit, in addition to the state permit, when a full structure (garage, single family home, etc.) is being demolished.

Please visit the State of Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment's website for more information on their permitting process, or contact them at or 303-692-3100.

Durango Fire Protection District (DFPD)
All multifamily and commercial projects must provide DFPD with a complete Fire Code Plan Review submittal. All new living units (except Accessory Dwelling Units) and commercial buildings pay DFPD a fire impact fee. A receipt from DFPD for the above submittal/payment must be provided with the City building permit application. Submittals for plan review and impact fee payments need to be submitted directly to the DFPD at: 104 Sheppard Drive, Durango, CO 81301. For more information contact DFPD at (970) 382-6000 or visit their website.  

Engineering Review
The Engineering Division will review building plans for compliance with the Land Use and Development Code and Code of Ordinances. Public improvements (see below), water lines, sewer lines, backflow prevention, driveway slope, and stormwater drainage are among many items under review.

Fees are due when the permit is issued and all applicable reviews are completed. No fees are due upon submittal.   

Planning Division Review
Requirements of the Land Use and Development Code (zoning, height restrictions, setbacks, landscaping, etc.) apply to all building permit applications. Additional Planning processes may be required before a building permit application can be submitted. Please contact the Planning Division for more information.

Plumbing and Electrical - Including Guidance on Contemporaneous Review of Plumbing Licenses
Homeowners can complete their own plumbing and electrical work, however, if a plumber or electrician is used they must be licensed by the State of Colorado. Commercial property owners must use a licensed plumber and electrician. Electrical permits are issued by the State of Colorado.

Section 2 of HB 19-1086 took effect January 1, 2020 and Section 1 takes effect on January 1, 2022.  Please visit the Colorado General Assembly website for more information.  The signed bill can be viewed here.

A plumber who has a master plumber's license from the state and a business license from the city shall be duly qualified to do plumbing work within the city. All master plumbers shall execute a good and sufficient bond in the sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) with the City Clerk's office.  Please review Sec. 13-89 of the City's municipal code for more details.

Please refer to the factsheet from the City of Durango and the Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council for guidance on the procedure for contemporaneous reviews of plumbing licenses.

Public Improvements Requirements
Repair, replacement, or installation of public improvements (sidewalk, curb and gutter, street trees etc.) may be required of the applicant as a result of ANY building permit submittal. Please contact the Engineering Division for more information.

Review Time
The ability to estimate permitting timelines is an important factor in managing your project. Please allow a minimum of 20 business days for all submittals.  Resubmittals will extend this timeline.

All projects within the Skyridge subdivision require approval by the Skyridge Architectural Review Committee.  Please contact the Building Division for their contact information.

Submittal Documents
When plan review is required, at a minimum, the following documents are required:
- A completed building permit application
- 2 sets of plans (when plans are necessary as determined by the type of permit)
- Digital copy of plans

Three Springs
Three Springs Design Review Committee approval is required of construction projects within Three Springs.  Please provide documentation of this approval with your building permit application.

Twin Buttes
Construction in Twin Buttes requires approval by the Twin Buttes Design Review Committee.  Please provide documentation of this approval with your building permit application.

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