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Customer service statement

We care about those we serve, and we work proactively, efficiently, thoughtfully and within the rule of law to produce, preserve and provide the records of the City. We work to exceed expectations in every facet of our work. We apply the most generous interpretation possible to the intentions, words, and actions of others.

Our services to you:

  1. We bring you the agendas and *minutes of City Council meetings (*searchable and available online back to 1881).
  2. We conduct all municipal elections.
  3. We quickly provide City records to you (usually, free) in answer to your open records requests.
  4. We license businesses (of all sorts, including liquor, marijuana, door to door solicitation, and special events vendors) so you can be assured that each company doing business inside Durango is “in the system.”  
  5. We manage millions of City of Durango records to meet retention requirements and to provide them to anyone with the right, and the need, to know.
  6. We attest important City documents (ordinances, resolutions, agreements, etc.) so you can be assured of their authenticity.
  7. We maintain the City's Charter and the Municipal Code, to give you the latest on the constitution and the laws that govern the City.
  8. We coordinate the functioning of all 23 City boards and commissions, to maximize the volunteer involvement of citizens in City decision-making.
  9. We make the City’s history come alive, through access to historical documents and artifacts, through histories, and through audio recordings and walking tours.

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