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Did you know?  The City has a book called Durango Doings that is available for sale on  You have your choice of two versions: hardcover with nearly 500 premium full color pages, and the less expensive paperback version with grayscale interior pages.  Chapter 5—Money-saving Lessons from Municipal Court Cases—could save you much more than that in expense (as well as embarrassment and inconvenience)!  Also, each individual chapter is available for free download in full color from the City's public records portal.  For your Search Type, select Histories - INDEXED SEARCH.  Search the Subject using words from the chapter title below, *enclosing the title in asterisks* for the necessary wildcard search and retrieval.  (Some are large files. Please be patient while they download.)

In the past dozen years the Durango City Clerk’s Office has been producing historical booklets on various topics of the City government’s history, drawn mostly from the archives of the City itself.  The objective is to increase public awareness of the role of the City’s record-keeping to protect rights, define re­sponsibilities, and provide evi­dence of how the City has served the citizens.  These are the chapter titles -- plus additional titles that are not included in the Durango Doings book.  There are several hundred results for a search of the public records portal for histories.

Book chapter #

Chapter title in Durango Doings


Interesting historical facts about Durango (12 pages)


Durango...Your hometown: A primer for 3rd graders and up (30 pages)


Durango’s experiment with rights and responsibilities, the warp and woof of the tapestry of the Republic (38 pages)


Municipal Court case records: Money-saving lessons from case records (plus lists of judges, police chiefs and City attorneys, 1881-current) (32 pages)


A quick history and tour of the City's buildings (8 pages)


Carnegie Building illustrated history, 1907-2018 (16 pages)


A brief history of the City’s charter and its home rule form of government: A chronology of decisions by City Council and the voters re: the form of government, and City Charter elections to the current day (6 pages)


Durango's mayors, 1881-current: A descriptive chronology (64 pages)


Officials of the City since 1881 (16 pages)


A list of Durango City Councilors since 1881 (18 pages)


Employee awards since 1982 (4 pages)


Durango’s municipal elections – then and now (16 pages)


Durango’s response to infectious diseases, 1881-1929: How contagion affected Durango and how the City responded: Transcriptions from City Council minutes re: smallpox, scarlet fever, typhoid, whooping cough and Spanish flu in early Durango (22 pages)


Biographical walking tour of Greenmount Cemetery (28 pages)


Greenmount burials during the Spanish Flu, 1918-1919 (30 pages)


Durango's sister cities: A thing of the past?  A history of the sister city relationships since 1970 between Durango and its counterpart Durangos in Mexico and Spain; with Bad Gastein, Austria; and with Boulder and Cortez, Colorado (16 pages)


Durango airports since 1927 (16 pages)


Durango’s licensing of marijuana: An administrative history (16 pages)


Nine ways the City of Durango supports bicycling (12 pages)


Durango Reservoir Grant: An illustrated documentary history since 1907 (46 pages)


Lake Nighthorse administrative background and history (12 pages)


Durango (Colorado): A chronology of historical events since 1776 (26 pages)

An administrative chronology of Durango’s City departments and divisions: An administrative chronological history of the City organization, from the very beginning in 1881 (24 pages)

Durango fires and the Durango (Colorado) Fire Department: An historical compilation from local newspapers: transcriptions from the Durango Herald and other newspapers, 1881-1927, by retired City of Durango employee and firefighter Frank A. Shry

History of City Parks as reflected in City Council minutes, 1888-1988: notes from Durango City Council minutes regarding various parks and other recreational facilities

Historic walking tour of "The Boulevard," Historic East Third Avenue, described by house number

City of Durango planning and development timeline, 1958-1993, produced by Planning and Community Development Director Greg Hoch

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