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Street Capital Improvement Program

To plan for the Street Capital Improvement Projects, the City of Durango completes an Asphalt Condition Survey.

The Asphalt Condition Survey is conducted every 5 years to produce the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) score. PCI Score rates streets from 100-0.

  • 100 = newly constructed street
  • 0 = Street that has failed and needs to be reconstructed

Asphalt Condition Survey and PCI scores are used to create the 5-year Capital Improvement Projects list.

The first survey was completed in 2013

The second survey was completed in 2018

The third survey is scheduled for Spring of 2023

  • The 2023 Survey will determine the 5 Year Capital Improvement Projects for 2023-2028

Five-year street capital projects need

City Staff has compiled a 5-year Capital Improvement Projects listing below. The 5-year Capital Improvement Projects are contingent upon future available funding.

The Annual Street Capital Project Need is approximately $2,050,000 - $3,000,000 per year. 

Total 2021 Annual Street Capital Project Need of approximately $3,000,000 includes the following categories:

  • Asphalt Treatments: $2,785,000
  • ADA ramp and sidewalk Improvements: $165,000
  • 50/50 Sidewalk Program: $50,000

Projects authorized to receive funding are subject to review and prioritization by City Council during the annual budget process. Yearly priorities are subject to change based on environmental conditions affecting street conditions.

2021 Street CIP List

Surface treatment:

  • Florida Road - Riverview to CR 250
  • Hillcrest Drive - Goeglein Gulch Road to End
  • Coalbank Drive - Jenkins Ranch Road to Molas Drive
  • Molas Drive -  Jenkins Ranch Road to Red Mountain Drive
  • Lewis Mountain Lane - Hillcrest Drive to End
  • Heritage Lane - Mercado Street to Confluence Avenue
  • Buena Vida Avenue - Mercado Street to Sierra Vista Street
  • Sierra Vista Street - Confluence Avenue to Clear Spring Avenue
  • Prospector Avenue - End to End
  • Silver Mountain Lane - Hillcrest Drive to Hillcrest Drive
  • Jenkins Drive - Hillcrest Drive to End


  • Sage Hill Court - Richard Drive to End
  • Columbine Drive - Cottonwood Drive to Clovis Drive
  • Kennebec Court - Jenkins Ranch Road to End
  • E 7th Avenue - 32nd St to End

Mill & Overlay:

  • Tech Center Drive - US Highway 160 to End
  • Aspen Place - Aspen Drive to End
  • Obrien Drive - Florida Road to End
  • Rim Drive - Goeglein to ~1,700 feet to the East
  • Oak Drive - Florida Road to Florida Road
  • Mercury Village Lane - West Turner Drive to 550 feet South
  • Elm Place - Oak Drive to End
  • Baker Lane - Escalante Drive to End

2022 Street CIP List

Surface Treatment:

Mill & Overlay


2023 Street CIP List

Surface Treatments:


2024 Street CIP List

Surface Treatments: 

Mill & Overlay:


2025 Street CIP List

Mill and Overlay:


5 Year Street Capital Projects Maps

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