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Please allow 5-10 minutes for your job to be processed before attempting to retrieve it from the print release station.

MobilePrint Service is available Mon-Wed (9:30am - 6pm), Thurs (10am - 6pm), 
Fri (9:30am - 5:30pm) & Sat (9:30am - 5pm).
(Jobs not claimed by closing time are deleted automatically)

With our MobilePrint Service™, you can use your personal computer or mobile device to print to the library’s printers from anywhere. Simply submit documents for printing and then come to the library to pay for and pick up your document.

Print jobs can be picked up during normal library hours. Jobs will be held until closing time each day, then purged.

Wi-Fi submitted print jobs can be picked up at the First Floor Print Release Station near the Info Desk. If paying with a debit/credit card, please stop at the desk and let our staff know before heading to the release station.

Black and White = 10 cents/page            Color = 50 cents/page

laptop-desktopHow to print from a computer at home or work:  

  • Begin by visiting: 
  • https://www.printeron.net/system/printspot/interface/select_file.jsp?url=dpl/library&lang=en_us 
  • Select a printer (BW or Color)  and enter your email address.
  • Browse your computer/device  to find and select the file you wish to print.
  • Click the green print icon (you will see the status of your print job and a reference number).
  • When you arrive to pickup your print job: Go to the "First Floor Print Release Station" and select “Release a Print Job”.
  • Enter the email address you supplied and select your print job.
  • Pay the attached coin-op or see a staff person to pay by debit/credit card.

How to email directly to MobilePrint:                      email-print 

  • Email as an attachment or forward an email from any device directly to the library’s print system at:
    Black and White: dpl-l-bw@printspots.com
    Color:  dpl-l-color@printspots.com

How to print from the PrinterOn app:                       printeronapplogo

  • Visit your device’s ‘store’ for apps, install and launch the PrinterOn App.
  • Click “No printer selected”.
  • Click “Search”. Search for DPL Library.
  • Choose either Color or Black and White printer.
  • To remember the printer within the app, choose to save it/tap the star icon.
  • To print:
    • Documents: when viewing the document, click in the upper right corner and upload the document to the PrinterOn App.
    • Photos from your phone: open the app, click on “photo” and select a photo to print.
  • Select the printer and click the print icon.
  • Enter an email address and click on the check mark (you will receive a notice that the job started, and shortly after another message stating “Job Success”).
  • At the First Floor Print Release Station in the library, select “Release a Print Job”.
  • Enter the email address you supplied and select your print job.
  • Pay the attached coin-op or see a staff person to pay using a debit/credit card.
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